Silver Spoon

Silver Spoon

Have you ever felt the desire to watch people do absolutely nothing for no reason? Why the hell?


Silver Spoon is okay. If you’ve read my past reviews you may be starting to see a certain bitterness in my attitude towards anime, so I’d just like to say that I am extremely easy to please with anime, and all of these average/terrible shows are just coincidental. I also have nobody to blame this time around, since it was my own nomination. I can probably still blame a little bit of it on MAL and Rin though, for raising my expectations. An 8? Really? Why, MAL, why?


Back to the review though, Silver Spoon was mostly nothing. This isn’t quite along the lines of being average, because I simply have nothing to say about it. Average isn’t the word here, Silver Spoon isn’t like anything I’ve ever seen, but that’s only because I don’t tend to spend my time watching farmers do their usual farmer shit, and that’s exactly what Silver Spoon is. Farmers doing farm-type activities. They try to slip some drama in there with the pig, but I found that to be a little contrived. Maybe I’m not the city-raised animal lover that the story is geared towards. I have beheaded chickens and eaten the spines of sheep after spending several months days tending to petting them on past occasions, so you could even say that I’m more like the kids around him who already knew how to differentiate food from a pet. But even so, I can’t see this bit of drama redeeming the show in any circumstance. The pig barely has enough screen time, and absolutely no character for you to actually care for it and as such, the focus shifts mainly towards Hachiken’s struggle, rather than the pig itself. When the pig is sent off, you feel sorry for Hachiken (barely) not for the pig that is off to the slaughterhouse. Even the super deep flashback moment consisted of approximately 2 different days, which was silly.


Characters were about as decent as they can get with the episode count and story they were dealt. A few shallow back-stories here and there, and a couple of odd personalities. The protagonist’s personality is as bland as every other shounen anime, I won’t bother you with my rantings on that, but let’s just say they don’t got shit on Laserbeam&Black Steve. The heroine, if you can call her that, is even blander. She literally does nothing throughout the entire series. I don’t even know why she existed.


Comedy-wise, the laughs are scarce. Of course, comedy can be subjective, so your experience may differ. If you think that watching someone freak out about eating an egg because it came out of a chicken ass is funny, then you might have quite a good time with this series. Don’t take that in the wrong way though, I’m not trying to say that Silver Spoon has a lot of, if any, toilet humor. It’s humor consists mainly of the protagonist over-reacting to common farm knowledge, or common knowledge in general. There was still a bit of humor to be had away from the protagonist’s faggotry though, I had a few “hah” moments throughout each episode, but I think it’s save to say you won’t have to worry about developing any abdominal endurance with this show if your sense of humor is slightly similar to mine. Strange enough, I found the episode where Pork Bowl gets slaughtered to be the funniest one. Makes you wonder if the writers even intended for it to be dramatic in the first place, and why they’d use melodramatic music and flashbacks to set the tone for drama if they planned to comic relief every 5 seconds on the matter for the very next episode. I just don’t know, and let’s be honest, neither did they.


Most of my complaints about this show aren’t huge, it is certainly a case of nitpicking elements here and there, but at the same time I can’t think of anything very good to say about the show. I was taught not to say anything at all if i can’t say anything good, but what do I do if I’m required to write a damn review about it? Never thought about that huh, mom?


I’m giving it a 5, for “Average, but also not really. It’s complicated, and I hate number ratings” and I cannot recommend it even for someone looking for a country-side themed anime because things like Non Non Biyori exist which is at least twice as funny and doesn’t bother with any of that fail-drama. I would really like to give it a 4.9 so I don’t de-throne the super average-champion AnoNatsu, but I won’t do that, so let’s just pretend that I did.


No pics this time around because nothing made me wanna take a screen cap throughout the entire series. Instead, we have Ren-chan who feels very sad after once again getting high expectations about a very meh show.


The Verdict


The Good: -Cute pigs.
-Some “ha” moments. Not sure if I should put this under “good” or “bad” to be totally honest.

The Bad: -Poorly executed drama.
-Lack of any real story direction.
-Pointless characters.
-Title that really doesn’t fit the show if you actually think about it.

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