Tentaclefest 2019

It’s finally time! TentAClera.pe is recruiting. Our goal is to get 5-10 members. Recruitment will be open for a minimum of 3 months, possibly longer due to holidays. We’ll see how it goes!

Rewind is an anime and manga review group, our activities play out like so:

  1. Lottery: a member is chosen at random to pick a genre.
  2. Nominations: each member nominates a series belonging to the chosen genre.
  3. Voting: members are allotted points to vote.
  4. Watch & discuss: watch on your own time and discuss later in our chatroom, or grab a spot on the couch for pre-scheduled live streaming.
  5. Review: use a template, or stick to your own format of reviewing. All that matters is you give an opinion and write a handful of words. You can choose to post your review on tentaclera.pe TheRewind.club to make use of the crap-ton of formatting tools, author bios, and get a personal spot in the reviewers section (to be constructed). Alternatively you can not do that and just post your review wherever you like! This is America! Even if you aren’t American.
  6. Accumulate points for writing a review and win sweet prizes!
  7. Repeat until death.


  1. Be able to watch anime and/or read manga.
  2. Be able to discuss and review anime and/or manga with other human beings.
  3. Be able to do things 1 and 2 at least once per month.
  4. Head on over to this discord and say hi to PlatinumTentacle -OR- PM Malwar.e here.


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